14-Year-Old Boy Arrested for Horrific Family Attack

Miramonte, CA: A 14-year-old boy is currently in police custody following a disturbing incident in Fresno County, California. The boy is suspected of taking the lives of his parents and attempting to harm his 11-year-old sister in their family home. The tragic events unfolded on Wednesday night in the quiet community of Miramonte. Local law enforcement received a distressing 911 call reporting a break-in and assault at the residence. The suspect himself made the call.

Sheriff John Zanoni held a press conference on Friday to provide updates on the case. According to Sheriff Zanoni, when deputies arrived at the scene, they found the parents deceased and the young sister injured. Thankfully, the boy’s 7-year-old sibling was unharmed and was taken into the care of relatives. As authorities investigated the incident further, they questioned the teenager’s initial account of what had occurred.

Detectives identified inconsistencies in the teen’s story, causing them to doubt his claims. Consequently, they decided to take him into custody. Sheriff Zanoni revealed that the boy had fabricated the story of a break-in. Although the suspect sustained a few scratches, there was nothing to suggest that he had inflicted these injuries upon himself.

Due to his status as a minor, the suspect’s identity has not been disclosed. However, the parents are Lue Yang and Se Vang, both 37 years old. Currently, the circumstances surrounding their deaths are under investigation, and the cause and manner of their passing are awaiting official determination.

The sister, who suffered severe injuries during the incident, is expected to survive as she has received necessary trauma care. Authorities are currently in the process of cataloging the various weapons used in the attacks. Sheriff Zanoni mentioned that some of these weapons are common in rural areas like Miramonte, where the tragic event occurred. Miramonte, situated in the picturesque Sierra Nevada mountains, lies approximately 40 miles west of Mount Whitney.

The motive has not been determined, Zanoni said. Records indicate that deputies had not made previous visits to the household. The teen was being held in a juvenile facility on allegations of murder and attempted murder, the sheriff said.