911 calls reveal son’s pleas for help in horrific father-son shooting

Kendall, Florida – The recently released 911 calls have provided a chilling insight into the tragic father-son shooting that occurred earlier this month. David Contreras, 52, now faces a second-degree murder charge for allegedly shooting and killing his 21-year-old son, Eric Contreras. The intense phone conversations depict David’s other son in a state of distress as he attempts to understand the horrifying events that unfolded.

The caller, identified as David Contreras’ other son, is heard explaining to the dispatcher that he is not present at the home but has just received alarming calls from his parents. He becomes increasingly frantic as he relays his mother’s message of someone being dead, unsure of the exact details and deeply troubled by the situation.

In one of the 911 calls, the distraught caller expresses his fear and confusion, stating, “My dad is calling, freaking out.” He then tells the dispatcher that his mom called, saying someone is dead. The dispatcher assures him that help is on the way while also attempting to gather critical information about the incident.

After being disconnected, he calls back, “Someone has been shot, I don’t know, my dad is calling, freaking out.” He adds that his dad is home with his brother, and they are the only ones in the home. He reveals that he is trying to figure it out, and he is hoping it’s not his brother. T

During the distressing conversation, the caller reveals that his mother is currently in Orlando, leaving his father and brother as the only ones present at home. He recounts the disturbing phone calls from his parents, with his father urging him to come back home and his mother informing him that someone has been shot.

After being disconnected, he calls back ” “Someone has been shot, I don’t know, my dad is calling, freaking out,” The caller expresses hope that the victim is not his brother. “I need to know if my brother’s alive,” he says.

Tragically, Eric Contreras succumbed to his injuries at the scene. David Contreras, who allegedly called the authorities himself after shooting his son multiple times, is now being held without bond. The motive behind the shooting remains undisclosed, and Miami-Dade Police continue to investigate the heartbreaking incident. Previously, the father’s attorney said Eric Contreras struggled with his mental health, which may have contributed to the incident.