Abulaban Convicted of First-Degree Murder in TikToker Trial: Families Find Closure

San Diego, California – A once-promising TikTok star, Ali Abulaban, faces the possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars after being convicted of two counts of first-degree murder. The trial, marked by weeks of dramatic testimony, culminated in a verdict that has left the families of the victims, Ana Abulaban and Ray Barron, still grappling with grief.

In an exclusive interview with NBC 7, Jordana Barron, sister of Ray Barron, shared the devastating impact of the loss on her family. The tragic events unfolded on October 21, 2021, when Ana Abulaban, 28, and Rayburn Barron, 29, were found dead in a downtown San Diego apartment. The news was a sudden and heartbreaking blow to their loved ones.

Jordana vividly recalled the moment she received the news of her brother’s death, highlighting the shock and disbelief that engulfed her family. The subsequent trial, which began in May 2024 after nearly three years of investigation, brought both families face-to-face with the accused killer, Ali Abulaban.

Throughout the trial, the families of the victims showed unwavering strength by attending court proceedings, seeking justice for their loved ones. Jordana expressed the difficulty of being in the same room as the accused, noting his arrogant demeanor and the emotional toll it took on her family.

As the trial unfolded, harrowing details emerged, including audio recordings that deeply disturbed Jordana and her family. The ordeal of confronting the evidence and reliving the tragic events underscored the long road to closure for both families. The verdict, delivered on May 29, brought a sense of relief and vindication to the victims’ families, signaling the end of a tumultuous chapter marked by sorrow and uncertainty.

Looking ahead to Ali Abulaban’s sentencing on June 28, the families find solace in the prospect of finally closing this painful chapter. Despite the weight of their loss, Jordana reflects on her brother’s memory with love and fondness, cherishing the time they shared as a family and the legacy he leaves behind. As they confront the reality of life without their loved ones, the families hold onto the hope that justice will prevail in the face of tragedy.