Aiken Jewelry Store Owner Porky Bradberry Murdered in Cold Case Revenge Killing

Aiken, South Carolina – The Aiken community was shocked by the recent murder of Swint E. “Porky” Bradberry Jr., a well-known jewelry store owner. Bradberry, 78, was found dead at his home, the victim of a brutal attack. The suspect, 27-year-old Alexander Gage Boone, allegedly broke into Bradberry’s home and fatally assaulted him with a blunt object before fleeing the scene with some of Bradberry’s belongings. The tragic murder has left the community in mourning and has raised questions about Bradberry’s past.

Bradberry’s history includes a dark chapter from more than 30 years ago, when he was charged in a murder-for-hire case, only to have the case go cold. This troubling connection to an unsolved crime from the past has added an eerie layer to his recent murder.

In 1982, Bradberry was initially charged in the unsolved slaying of his then-wife, Linda Bradberry. Linda had disappeared after attending a Christmas parade, only to be found dead the next day in a car with a fatal gunshot wound to the head. Five years after the murder, Bradberry and four other men were arrested in connection to the case. However, the case was eventually dismissed due to discrepancies in witness statements and evidence. No further charges were brought, and the case remains unsolved.

Moreover, Bradberry had a history of criminal conduct, including arrests for domestic violence, harassment, and a notable incident where he shot an armed robber at his jewelry store. These incidents have painted a complex picture of Bradberry, raising questions about his character and potential motives for his recent murder.

The murder of Swint Bradberry has prompted a renewed interest in both his past and the recent tragedy, as law enforcement agencies collaborate on the investigation. The community awaits answers and justice for the disturbing events that have unfolded in their midst.