Assailant Jailed for Throwing Bleach in Partner’s Face – Shocking Domestic Violence Incident Leads to Arrest and Cannabis Cultivation Discovery

LLansannan, Conwy – A man in his mid-thirties has been sentenced to jail after engaging in a violent assault on his partner. Guy Billington, a resident of Maes Aled, was found guilty of physically attacking his partner and causing actual bodily harm on April 15th, 2022. The attack occurred after the victim informed Billington of her decision to leave him, triggering a vicious response.

Billington poured bleach on the victim’s clothes and proceeded to throw the corrosive substance directly at her face, causing significant harm to her eyes. Despite her impaired vision following the assault, the victim managed to escape to safety by alerting emergency services. However, Billington intercepted the call, prompting the victim to seek refuge at a neighbor’s house before receiving medical attention at a local hospital.

Authorities investigating the incident also uncovered evidence of a cannabis cultivation operation at Billington’s residence, leading to an additional sentence for drug production. Detective Constable Andrew Etches emphasized the severity of the situation, highlighting the need for a comprehensive investigation into cases of domestic violence.

The investigating officer commended the victim for her courage and resilience throughout the process, urging individuals facing similar situations to come forward and seek assistance. Etches reassured the community of their commitment to holding perpetrators of violence against women and girls accountable, emphasizing the importance of supporting those affected by domestic abuse.

Overall, the case serves as a stark reminder of the lasting impact of domestic violence, prompting a call to action for increased vigilance and support for victims in similar situations. The sentencing of Billington reflects the judicial system’s commitment to ensuring justice for survivors and deterring future acts of violence within the community.