Atlantic City Mayor Takes Action to Curb Surge in Violent Crime After 4 Murders in First Week of 2024

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – The new year in Atlantic City has gotten off to a violent start, with four people murdered in the first week. Mayor Marty Small has taken decisive steps to address the surge in violence, which included two stabbings on the boardwalk on New Year’s Day and two murders by gunshot in under 48 hours.

One of the victims was just 14 years old, making him the youngest of the four murder victims. These incidents come after a year in which only seven people were killed in the Jersey Shore city.

In response, city officials have introduced a newly created city re-entry services division aimed at providing support to individuals who have been released from incarceration. The goal is to prevent them from re-offending and to steer them away from a life of crime.

During a rally, the mayor, police chief, and members of Atlantic City’s anti-violence program emphasized the need to rally the community and to reassure the public that murders and violence will not be tolerated.

The mayor’s vision is clear – he wants Atlantic City to be a place known for its casinos, beaches, and boardwalks, and not for deadly shootings and stabbings. While ensuring safety in tourist areas is a priority, the mayor has also expressed concern for the neighborhoods where residents live, emphasizing a renewed focus beyond the bright lights of the skyline.

Mayor Small has assured the public that the necessary tools, including a strong police presence and an anti-violence unit, are in place to tackle crime. He aims for Atlantic City to be known as the safest possible place to play and live, and hopes that the first week of 2024 will be its worst week in terms of violence.

The mayor’s dedication to keeping the city safe is evident, and the community is coming together to address the recent spike in violence. As efforts to combat crime continue, officials are focused on ensuring a safe environment for both residents and visitors alike.

In conclusion, the recent surge in violence in Atlantic City has prompted city officials to take proactive measures to address the issue. Mayor Small and other community leaders have introduced new initiatives aimed at preventing further violence and reassuring the public that safety remains a top priority in the city.