Bar Murder Suspect Released After Loaded Gun Arrest Receiving Misdemeanor Charge

San Pedro, California – An 18-year-old woman, Estrella Rojas, is facing charges for the murder of Tyrone Tyars and the wounding of two others in a shooting at a bar earlier this year. Tyars, a father of two, was tragically killed at the Machista bar on Pacific Avenue on January 20.

Court records show that Rojas had been previously arrested in November 2023 for possessing a loaded gun but was not charged with a felony by the LA County District Attorney’s Office. Despite being associated with a gang, Rojas was only charged with a misdemeanor for carrying a concealed firearm and given probation.

Following the shooting at the bar, Rojas was arrested by LAPD South Bureau Homicide detectives and now faces one count of murder with a firearm and two counts of attempted murder with a firearm. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The decision by prosecutors not to pursue more serious charges against Rojas has left the family of Tyars devastated. Tyars’ mother, Ira McGrady, expressed her frustration with the system, stating: “They just threw it under the rug. I’m not throwing this under the rug. That’s my son.”

In response to the case, the LA County District Attorney’s Office expressed their commitment to seeking justice for Tyars and the other victims. Rojas’s attorney at the LA County Alternate Public Defender has not yet commented on the case.

As the case unfolds, the community in San Pedro continues to mourn the loss of Tyars and grapple with the implications of the shooting at the bar. Rojas remains in custody awaiting trial, as the legal process moves forward to bring closure and justice for those affected by this tragic event.

Overall, the case highlights the complexities and challenges in the criminal justice system, as well as the deep impact that such incidents have on families and communities. The pursuit of justice for Tyars and the other victims remains a priority as the legal proceedings progress.