Bloody Footprint & Hair Evidence Links Suspect to Brutal Murder of Prostitute 30 Years Ago in Central London

London, England – A man accused of brutally murdering a Colombian-born woman almost 30 years ago has been identified through a bloody footprint and a hair found on a ring, a court heard.

39-year-old Marina Koppel was found dead in her flat in Marylebone on August 8, 1994, after being stabbed more than 140 times. Sandip Patel, 51, was charged with her murder last year, after forensic evidence linked him to the crime scene.

During the trial at the Old Bailey, prosecutors revealed that Patel’s DNA matched a hair found on a ring belonging to Ms. Koppel in 2008, as well as a bloody footprint left at the scene. According to the prosecutor, the evidence strongly points to Patel as the perpetrator of the brutal murder.

This revelation comes after years of investigation and advancements in forensic technology, which allowed authorities to revisit the case and identify Patel as the main suspect. Additionally, evidence was found at the crime scene pointing to Patel, including fingermarks on a plastic carrier bag found in the victim’s kitchen.

The trial continues, with Patel denying the charges against him. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of thorough forensic investigation and the pursuit of justice, even after many years have passed since the initial crime.