Is the U.S. Failing Its Retirees? Shocking New Report Reveals the Truth

A new survey reveals that Social Security and 401(k) plans aren’t as beneficial as retirement systems in many other countries. The Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index recently ranked the Netherlands, with its dual public and private pension structure, at the top.  In a fresh assessment of global retirement structures, the U.S. received a C+ grade, trailing behind countries like the Netherlands, Australia, and Sweden. The U.S. was ranked 22nd among 47 countries in the …

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The Role of Gold in Your Retirement Portfolio

With its shimmering allure, gold has always been a topic of interest for investors. Many see it as a safe haven, a hedge against economic uncertainties. But is it a wise choice for your retirement portfolio? Here are some things to consider before investing in gold. Understanding Gold as an Investment Gold is a commodity akin to raw materials like agricultural products or minerals. Historically, commodities have been purchased for practical or financial purposes. For …

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Beyond Stocks: Broadening Your Retirement Portfolio For Better Security

Engaging in a friendly wager can be entertaining, but it’s a different ballgame when you’re talking about your retirement funds. While stocks have historically outperformed bonds over extended periods, it’s crucial to diversify your retirement strategy to ensure you don’t deplete your savings prematurely. Understanding the Risks Traditional retirement planning advice might not always highlight the potential pitfalls of stock investments. Moreover, more than the size of your savings is required to guarantee a comfortable …

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Three Effective Strategies for Organizing Your Retirement Accounts

Getting your retirement accounts organized and optimized is crucial for building a sustainable and secure financial future. Despite the significance of streamlining your investments and gaining control over your money, many Americans tend to prioritize amassing a large retirement fund rather than organizing it effectively. However, without proper organization, achieving the retirement you desire can become challenging. If you’re like most pre-retirees, you likely have retirement accounts scattered across various employers, along with your own …

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How A U.S. Default Could Impact Your Financial Life

The failure to increase the debt limit, which determines the amount the US government can borrow to meet its financial obligations, could have far-reaching consequences for various aspects of American life. It could impact mortgage rates, paychecks for federal employees, and many other financial matters.

Here is Why You May Want to Cash In your Old I-bonds For New Ones

As inflation falls, new I-bonds earn 4.3% but have an appealing 0.9% fixed rate. Starting from May 1 until the end of October, new purchases will get a 0.9% fixed rate for up to 30 years. This is a good opportunity for those who see bonds as a long-term solution to saving money.

Self-Employed? Get Ready for a Roth Savings Option

It’s easy to think that self-employed people have less access to retirement benefits than their salaried counterparts. Yet, self-employment has more account options to consider.

Salaried workers may be eligible to participate in their company’s 401(k) retirement savings program. And if neither works, you can always open an IRA or a Roth IRA, but that’s about it.

Here Is Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying A Bond

Bonds are a popular investment choice for individuals looking for a stable and predictable source of income. Bonds are essentially loans in which investors lend money to corporations, municipalities, or government agencies in exchange for interest payments and principal repayments.