BREAKING: Father and Children Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide in Arizona

Surprise, Arizona – A tragic incident unfolded as police in Surprise, Arizona, confirmed the deaths of a father and his two children in an apparent murder-suicide on Tuesday, May 21. Brock Mater, 34, along with his 7-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter were discovered deceased after Mater’s estranged wife raised concerns and requested a welfare check on Monday, May 20.

According to reports from the Surprise Police Department, Mater’s estranged wife became alarmed when the children’s school notified her about an unexcused absence following their visit with Mater over the weekend. Worried by her inability to reach Mater, she sought police assistance, leading to the tragic discovery.

Upon arriving at Mater’s residence, the police made unsuccessful attempts to establish contact before entering the premises. Inside, they found Mater and his children lifeless, all victims of gunshot wounds in an apparent murder-suicide. The police report reveals that a rifle was found near Mater’s body.

Neighbor accounts of hearing loud noises, possibly mistaken for fireworks on Sunday night, shed light on the time frame of the tragic event. Moreover, it was disclosed that Mater had been undergoing mental health treatment, with authorities confirming that previous interactions with Mater were related to welfare checks associated with mental health issues.

Emphasizing the importance of mental health awareness, Surprise Police Sgt. Rick Hernandez urged individuals experiencing crisis or mental health issues to seek treatment. He highlighted the universal nature of mental health challenges, urging vigilance and support for those in need. In a bid to offer assistance, resources for seeking mental health and crisis intervention were provided for those seeking help or experiencing suicidal thoughts.