Brutal Assault on Metro Bus Driver in Downtown Burbank Station Revealed More than a Week Later

BURBANK, California – A Metro bus driver was brutally attacked at a downtown Burbank station on Dec. 26, and the public is just now learning about the incident more than a week later. The assault left the driver in the ICU, and it was not publicly announced by Metro until Thursday. According to the Burbank Police Department, officers arrested 32-year-old Terry Wyatt, who is unhoused, for the assault.

The attack occurred while the driver was inspecting a bus at the downtown Burbank station. Burbank Police stated that Wyatt attacked the driver unprovoked, leaving him unconscious. Another driver, who has chosen to remain anonymous, disclosed that he has also been attacked multiple times while on duty, emphasizing the inability of bus drivers to defend themselves.

The incident involving the Metro bus driver is one of the several violent occurrences related to Metro in December. Another incident on Dec. 12 resulted in a fatal stabbing onboard a train in South LA, and just a few weeks later, a 29-year-old man was shot and killed near a Hyde Park Metro Station on Dec. 30.

Despite the severity of the attack on the bus driver, Metro did not make the information public until days later. The spokesperson for Metro cited the swift apprehension of the suspect as the reason for not issuing a media advisory. However, community members who utilize Metro services have expressed the need for immediate sharing of such news, pointing out the importance of being aware of potential dangers.

After Wyatt’s arrest, the District Attorney filed charges for felony battery and elder abuse against him. As the driver continues to recover from the attack, concerns among Metro users and residents of the area remain about the need for more timely and transparent communication from Metro and law enforcement agencies.