Brutal Attack on Boston Parking Enforcement Worker Sparks Calls for Increased Safety Measures

Boston, Massachusetts – A parking enforcement worker in Boston was the victim of a brutal attack after ticketing an illegally parked car in the Dorchester neighborhood, leaving him bloodied and injured. The city and union officials are now calling for more measures to protect city workers in the wake of this violent incident on Hartwell Street.

Kenneth Vandergrift, a Dorchester resident and the vehicle’s owner, was arrested for the attack. Police reported that Vandergrift took the worker’s radio and proceeded to physically assault him, resulting in severe injuries, including a swollen eye. He is now facing a number of charges, including assault on a person over 60.

The incident has left residents in shock, but union representatives state that such assaults on city workers are unfortunately not uncommon. The union, AFCSME 93, emphasized that these workers endure verbal and physical assaults regularly while simply carrying out their duties.

In response to the attack, Boston City Councilor Erin Murphy has called for a hearing on the issue and is advocating for potential solutions, such as increased security and having parking enforcement workers operate in pairs during overnight shifts to ensure their safety.

Jim Durkin of AFCSME 93 expressed appreciation for the support and highlighted the need for a change in public attitude towards these workers, emphasizing the mean-spirited and often violent treatment they face in the line of duty.

As the city grapples with the aftermath of this incident, there are growing calls for tangible measures to ensure the safety and well-being of parking enforcement workers across Boston. The need for increased security and changes in public perception are central to discussions aimed at preventing similar attacks in the future.