Bully Jailed for Catalogue of Abuse, Including Violent Assault Resulting in Broken Arm

Basford, England – A coercive man, identified as Ryan Burrell, has been sentenced to jail for a series of abusive behaviors towards his ex-girlfriend, culminating in a violent assault where he repeatedly punched her, resulting in a broken arm. Burrell, a resident of Stoneycroft Road in Basford, used intimidation and coercion to manipulate his victim into staying in a relationship with him.

Throughout October and November 2023, Burrell employed threatening tactics, such as threatening to share intimate photos of the woman with her family and claiming he would harm himself if she tried to leave. The abuse escalated to acts of physical violence, with Burrell destroying property in fits of jealousy and sending the victim a barrage of threatening text messages when she attempted to end the relationship.

The situation reached a breaking point on November 25 when Burrell physically assaulted the woman in Bestwood, resulting in her sustaining a broken arm from the force of the attack. It was only after this incident that the victim found the courage to contact the authorities and report the ongoing abuse.

In a statement detailing the impact of the abuse, the victim expressed lasting trauma and fear, recounting how the assault haunts her thoughts even in moments of rest. Burrell eventually pleaded guilty to charges including causing grievous bodily harm, engaging in coercive behavior, and threatening to disclose private material with malicious intent.

During his sentencing at Nottingham Crown Court on May 22, Burrell was handed a prison term of two years and five months, along with a five-year restraining order preventing him from contacting the victim. Detective Sergeant Stacey Hardstaff of the Nottinghamshire Police condemned Burrell’s actions as those of a “nasty bully,” emphasizing the detrimental effects of domestic abuse on victims and the importance of speaking up and seeking help.

The case serves as a reminder of the insidious nature of domestic abuse, whether physical or emotional, and the lasting impact it can have on the lives of survivors. Authorities urge anyone experiencing similar situations to come forward and seek assistance, reassuring them that help is available and that they will be supported in taking steps towards safety and justice.