Carjacking Suspect Charged with Murder After Fatal Crash at D.C. Hospital

Washington, D.C. – A carjacking incident in Northwest D.C. took a tragic turn when the suspect, identified as Kayla Kenisha Brown, stole an SUV from a hospital with a woman still in the passenger seat. The victim, Leslie Marie Gaines, tragically lost her life in the crash that ensued.

Gaines, a 55-year-old resident of Northeast D.C., was left in the car momentarily by her daughter who had gone to retrieve a wheelchair from the hospital. Brown, a 22-year-old from Southeast D.C., swiftly took advantage of the situation and drove off with Gaines still inside.

The suspect now faces charges of felony murder, kidnapping, and carjacking. Authorities have scheduled her court appearance for the following day to address the heinous crime that unfolded outside MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

After a brief 18-minute drive, Brown lost control of the stolen SUV, crashing into a building in the Judiciary Square area. Despite her attempts to flee the scene, she was promptly apprehended by an observant MPD captain who witnessed the crash.

Witnesses at the scene shared their shock and sympathies for the victim’s family, emphasizing the senseless tragedy that transpired. The investigation into the incident is ongoing as authorities work to uncover the motive behind the carjacking.

This incident sheds light on the rise in carjackings across the district, prompting law enforcement to escalate efforts to combat this concerning trend. The Metropolitan Police Department has increased the use of helicopters in hopes of swiftly resolving such criminal cases to ensure the safety of residents.

As the community mourns the loss of Leslie Marie Gaines, they await further details on the tragic event that unfolded near the hospital. The impact of this senseless violence reverberates through the district, emphasizing the urgent need for measures to prevent such heartbreaking incidents in the future.