Charged: MSP Sgt. Brian Keely Faces Second-Degree Murder in Death of Samuel Sterling

KENTWOOD, Mich. – A Michigan State Police sergeant, Brian Keely, is facing charges of second-degree murder or involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of Samuel Sterling.

The charges stem from a tragic incident where Keely hit and severely injured Sterling during a police chase, leading to Sterling’s untimely death. The Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel, brought forth the charges against Keely, sparking a heated response from Keely’s attorney, Marc Curtis.

Curtis defended Keely by highlighting the sergeant’s extensive experience and accolades within the Michigan State Police, emphasizing Keely’s decorated history in law enforcement. Acknowledging the loss of Sterling’s life, Curtis characterized the incident as an unfortunate accident that could have been prevented had Sterling complied with law enforcement.

Despite an initial ruling of the incident as accidental, Nessel deemed Keely’s actions as legally negligent, resulting in a high risk of harm that could have been avoided. Nessel reiterated the importance of upholding public integrity and ensuring a thorough review of the case for justice to prevail.

The case has raised questions about police conduct during pursuits and the accountability of law enforcement officers in such situations. As the legal proceedings continue, both the Sterling and Keely families are left grappling with the aftermath of the tragic incident. The community awaits further developments in the case to shed light on the events leading to Sterling’s death and the implications for law enforcement practices moving forward.