Charging Bull Statue Vandalized with “Death to Israel” Message Amid Lower Manhattan Protest Rally

New York City, USA – The iconic “Charging Bull” statue in Lower Manhattan was vandalized with the message “Death to Israel” as protesters with Palestinian flags marched through the area on Thursday night. The graffiti was found behind the bull’s ear, while “Free Palestine” was also scrawled across its face.

As protesters passed by, some climbed on top of the statue, including a man dressed in Orthodox Jewish attire, waving Palestinian flags. The group eventually made their way to City Hall, where multiple arrests were made.

The NYPD issued eight summonses for disorderly conduct and one individual was charged with resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration. The protest was part of an “Emergency Action For Gaza” rally in response to the deaths of over 100 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip earlier that day.

Eyewitnesses in Gaza reported that Israeli troops fired on Palestinians who were trying to access aid from trucks, causing chaos and resulting in fatalities. Israel, however, claimed that the deaths were a result of a stampede and that only warning shots were fired.

Kamel Abu Nahel, who was shot in the leg, recounted how the shooting unfolded and how he was subsequently run over by a truck. Reports indicate that many casualties were caused by panicked trucks fleeing the scene.

The United Nations is investigating the incident and has warned of a potential famine in Gaza. The protest and vandalism at the Charging Bull statue highlight the ongoing tensions in the region and the global concern for the situation in Gaza.