Child Abuse Ring Faces “Very Substantial” Jail Terms for “Extraordinary Depravity” in Glasgow Den

GLASGOW, Scotland – A child abuse ring that targeted victims in a drugs den has been warned by Judge Lord Beckett to expect “very substantial” prison sentences for their “extraordinary depravity.” The abuse took place in 2012 and 2019 in a Glasgow drugs den where heroin and crack cocaine were being used.

Several individuals were convicted of a range of charges, including gang rape of a child and attempted murder. One defendant was found guilty of assaulting a child and had her sentencing deferred. Four of the accused were convicted of attempting to murder a child by pushing her into a microwave and trapping her in other places.

During the eight-week trial at the High Court in Glasgow, prosecutors dropped allegations of the use of an Ouija board. Three individuals were acquitted of all charges. Judge Lord Beckett warned the abusers to expect a “very substantial prison sentence” due to the “grave and repeated” nature of their crimes.

The defendants were convicted of sexually abusing children, with some of the events being filmed. Judge Lord Beckett highlighted the extreme gravity of the sex offenses and the repeated acts of extraordinary depravity, emphasizing the urgent need for resolution in the case.

The judge stated that a risk assessment will be carried out before sentencing to determine if an order for lifelong restriction should be imposed. This measure would monitor high-risk offenders for the rest of their lives if deemed suitable for release from prison after serving a minimum punishment period. Sentencing for the convicted individuals was adjourned until January 9.

In conclusion, the child abuse ring in Glasgow, Scotland faces significant prison sentences for their “grave and repeated” crimes involving the sexual assault of children and attempted murder. The judge emphasized the urgency for resolution in the case and highlighted the potential imposition of lifelong restrictions for the convicted individuals. Sentencing for the abusers has been deferred until January 9.