Child Given Probation and Writing Assignment in Absurd Arrest

SENATOBIA, Miss.: A child in Senatobia, Mississippi, who was arrested for public urination, has been placed on three months of probation and required to write a two-page paper on basketball legend Kobe Bryant. The arrest, which occurred on August 10, created controversy within the police department and led to the dismissal of one officer.

According to the child’s mother, Latonya Eason, the 10-year-old boy urinated behind her car while she was inside an attorney’s office. Initially, the first officer who witnessed the incident intended to issue a warning, but the situation escalated when a lieutenant became involved. The boy was then placed in a police car and taken to jail.

The arrest sparked outrage among some residents of Senatobia. One resident expressed their disbelief, stating, “I have two boys, and that’s how I potty trained them.” Another mother questioned the police department’s priorities, suggesting that they should focus on more pressing issues. 

Carlos Moore, the child’s representative, emphasized that the boy did not expose himself and that he had no access to a public restroom at the time. Moore argued that the child discreetly relieved himself behind a car, which he deemed an appropriate action given the circumstances.

Following the incident, Senatobia Police Chief Richard Chandler acknowledged the error in judgment and stated that the officer involved was no longer employed by the department. Chief Chandler also indicated that other officers would face disciplinary action. He recognized the need for ongoing training and education within the profession to prevent similar incidents.

In addition to being placed on probation, the child was charged with being a child in need of services. He was later released into his mother’s custody.

The case raises questions about appropriate responses to minor offenses committed by young children. Sensitivity and discretion are crucial in handling such situations to ensure the welfare of the child involved and avoid unnecessary repercussions.