Chilling Bargain: Human Skull Available for $4,000 at Antique Store!

A startling discovery was made by an anthropologist while browsing through a Florida antique store. While shopping at a North Fort Myers store, an anthropologist found a human skull in the Halloween section, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Upon being alerted to the find, detectives promptly arrived at the store to investigate further. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement indicating that, based on the initial observations of the detectives on the scene, the skull is believed to be of human origin.

A state medical examiner will conduct tests to ascertain more information about the skull’s origin. The sheriff’s office clarified that they do not consider this case suspicious.

The manager of Paradise Village Market in North Fort Myers recently talked about a bizarre incident that occurred in her store. Apparently, the human skull that was discovered in one of their display cases had a price tag of $4,000. A shopper noticed the skull and immediately notified the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, stating that there was a human skull being sold at the antique mall.

Beth Cooper Meyer, the manager of Paradise Vintage Market, thought nothing of putting it up for sale. She said the skull was part of a storage unit that was full of animal fossils.

The manager of a vintage store knew that a skull was among the items but decided to sell it anyway. In September, the skull was displayed at the store. Meyers said that she knew it was a human skull ever since she first opened the tub from the man’s storage unit in February.

No charges have been filed, but it is illegal to knowingly sell human remains in Florida. Interestingly, this isn’t the first instance of a human skull being discovered at a thrift store in recent months. Back in September, a human skull was found among donations at a Goodwill store in the Phoenix area.

Reportedly, it had been placed inside a donation box over a weekend. Lisa Berry, the public information officer for the Goodyear Police Department, noted that the skull had never made it to the sales floor and was found alongside other taxidermy items. Following examination by a medical examiner, it was believed to have historical significance, and Arizona authorities confirmed that it did not appear to be connected to any criminal activity.