Christian Oliver’s Wife Jessica Opens Up After Tragic Plane Crash Killings

LOS ANGELES, California – Christian Oliver, known for his role in Cobra 11 and Valkyrie, tragically lost his life along with his two daughters, Madita and Annik, in a plane crash on January 4. After the devastating incident, his wife, Jessica Klepser, shared a heartfelt message on Instagram the following day, expressing her grief at the loss of her beloved family members. The statement provided details about the accident, revealing that the family was returning from a vacation in the Caribbean when the plane went down.

Klepser’s emotional message, posted on January 5, described the accident and its impact on her family. She shared that the single-engine plane had encountered engine trouble and crashed into the ocean, claiming the lives of her husband and daughters, along with another passenger. The post also paid tribute to Madita and Annik, highlighting their vibrant spirits, academic achievements, and their positive influence in their communities.

In addition to expressing her own grief, Klepser’s statement acknowledged the far-reaching impact of the tragedy, as they leave behind a network of close friends and family members in both the USA and Germany. It also highlighted Christian’s successful career as an actor in Europe and the US, as well as his role as a real estate agent. The tragic loss of the beloved family members has deeply affected all who knew them.

The loss of Christian Oliver and his two daughters, Madita and Annik, in the plane crash has left a profound sense of sadness in both the entertainment industry and their communities. The family will be remembered for their infectious laughter, adventurous spirit, and the positive impact they had on those around them before this tragic accident occurred on January 4, 2024. The survivors of Christian, Madita, and Annik include their mother Jessica and an extended network of friends and family, who now mourn their passing.