Community Mourns Unborn Baby at Heartfelt Memorial; Parents’ Tragic Murder Case Continues Unfolding

San Antonio, TX — In a solemn gathering at Kenwood Park, family and friends commemorated what would have been a joyous occasion – the sixth month of life for baby Fabian, the unborn child of Savanah Soto and Mathew Guerra. The young couple tragically lost their lives, along with their unborn son, in a brutal shooting last December at a local apartment complex.

The loss reverberated through the community as loved ones who had eagerly anticipated Fabian’s birth mourned not just the future they had envisioned but also the violent circumstances that snatched that future away. In December, preparations and celebrations had been in motion for the arrival of baby Fabian, illustrating the deep impact of the incident on the family’s lives.

The tragedy unfolded when Soto, 18, and Guerra, 22, were found deceased in their car, marking a grim end to a missing persons case that began when Soto didn’t appear for a medical appointment. What was supposed to be the joyful arrival of their son turned into a harrowing search ending in despair.

Adding to the community’s grief, the police pursuit that followed led to the arrest of 19-year-old Christopher Preciado and his father, Ramon Preciado. Christopher faces charges including capital murder, abuse of a corpse, and altering, destroying, or concealing a corpse. Authorities allege that Ramon assisted in hiding the couple’s bodies.

During the investigation, a CLEAR Alert was issued for Soto after she failed to show up for her scheduled medical appointment, with Guerra also being reported missing shortly after. The discovery of their bodies intensified law enforcement efforts to apprehend those responsible.

The suspects were apprehended early January, with the murder suspect’s stepmother, Myrta Romanos, being arrested a week later for reportedly aiding in the disposal of evidence. Ramon and Romanos face charges related to the mishandling of a corpse, with Romanos also charged with tampering with evidence.

In a recent court decision, a motion to reduce bond was denied for Ramon Preciado for the charge of abuse of a corpse, despite previous concessions that reduced his total bond for other charges in February to $450,000.

At the memorial, Gabriel Guerra, Mathew’s father, expressed the profound sorrow and disbelief that gripped the attendees: “We were robbed…Everyone was excited for him to be here,” he lamented. His words echoed the collective heartbreak of a future violently taken, not only of the young parents but also of a life that never had the chance to begin.

Such grievous circumstances underscore the enduring pain inflicted by violent crime, leaving families and communities to grapple with loss that is both personal and profoundly communal. As the legal proceedings continue, the extended community remains bound by shared mourning and an unyielded quest for justice.