Community Urged to Help Identify Suspect in Tragic July 4th Death of 13-Year-Old Orlando Girl

ORLANDO, Fla. — Authorities in Orange County have issued an appeal for assistance in locating a person of interest connected to the death of a 13-year-old girl, whose body was discovered in Orlando on July 4 showing signs of severe trauma. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) released video footage of the man, hoping it might lead to additional information regarding the chilling incident.

The young victim, identified as Rose Thalie Dieujuste, was found along South Rio Grande Avenue. After being found in a critical state, she was promptly transported to the hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries. The tragic event has sparked a homicide investigation by local authorities.

The video circulated by OCSO captured a man leaving a parking area donned in white pants and a pink shirt, notably carrying a bag. Residents of the nearby apartment complex claim this individual is often seen in the vicinity, sometimes requesting money from passersby.

One resident, expressing the shock and dismay shared by the community, stated, “It’s just so sad that it’s a 13-year-old girl. I would have never expected it at a place like this. This is just beyond me, crazy.” The air of disbelief underscored the gravity of the crime and its effect on the local population.

In the wake of the tragedy, the principal of Memorial Middle School, where Dieujuste was a student, communicated with the school’s families, reflecting on the profound loss of a young life.

To aid in the investigation, OCSO has asked anyone with any information about Dieujuste’s death to contact Crimeline, a local initiative dedicated to helping resolve criminal cases through community tips. Since its inception in 1977, initially named Crimewatch and modeled after the pioneering Crime Stoppers program in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Crimeline has played a vital role in enhancing public safety in Central Florida.

Information that leads to an arrest of suspects or recovery of stolen property and drugs may qualify for cash rewards up to $1,000. This system is designed to maintain the anonymity of the tipsters, thereby encouraging individuals to come forward without fear of exposure.

Residents and community members are urged to engage in this collaborative effort to bring justice to the young victim and restore a sense of security to the area. People can reach Crimeline at 800-423-8477 or leave an anonymous tip online.

In a broader sense, this distressing event draws attention to the importance of community vigilance and the need for efficacious collaborations between the public and law enforcement agencies to curb violence and safeguard the community’s most vulnerable members. As investigators continue their work, the community remains hopeful that these efforts will bring forth answers and accountability for the untimely loss of young Rose Thalie Dieujuste.