Convicted Criminals Sentenced to Decades in Prison for Ambushing Hikers in Alabama’s Talladega National Forest

Two women were sentenced to serve decades in federal prison for the murder of a 22-year-old Florida college student after faking car trouble to ambush and rob a couple hiking in Alabama’s Talladega National Forest in the summer of 2022.

Yasmine Marie Adel Hider, 21, of Oklahoma received 35 years in prison for robbery, second-degree murder, and kidnapping the victim’s girlfriend Mikayla Paulus, as outlined in her plea agreement. Meanwhile, her co-defendant, Krystal Diane Pinkins, 37, of Tennessee, received the maximum punishment of life in prison for robbery, murder, and unlawful use of a firearm during a crime of violence after Hider testified against her at trial, leading to guilty verdicts on those counts.

The incident occurred when Hider faked car trouble to attract the attention of hiking University of Central Florida students Adam Simjee and Paulus and rob the couple using a gun provided by Pinkins. As Simjee tried to help, Hider pulled out a gun and ordered the victims to walk further into the woods. Simjee, armed with a gun, pulled the firearm in self-defense, resulting in a shootout. Simjee lost his life, while Hider was shot four times and survived.

After the shooting, Paulus identified Hider as the shooter, leading to the arrest of both women. Paulus later posted on social media, expressing shock and pain over the events. Simjee’s family mourned the loss of the “kind and gentle soul” and started a fundraiser to honor his memory.

The disturbing incident serves as a tragic reminder of the dangers that can accompany acts of kindness. The sentencing of the two women brings a sense of closure to the victims’ families and highlights the importance of ensuring justice is served in such heinous crimes.