Dangerous Electric Heaters Sold on TikTok and Temu Pose Fire and Shock Hazards, Consumer Watchdog Warns

London, UK – Consumer group Which? has issued a warning about the sale of unsafe electric heaters on the popular platforms TikTok and Temu. After purchasing and testing eight heaters, Which? found that six of them posed serious safety hazards.

The watchdog discovered that these electric heaters, with prices as low as £7.20, had the potential to cause explosions, electric shocks, and house fires. One particular portable electric heater bought from TikTok, the XH-1201 1200W model, was identified as a fire hazard and explosion threat. Which? also found that an identical £16.98 portable space heater purchased from Temu had likewise been found capable of causing electric shocks, fires, or explosions.

In addition to these hazards, the X7 Portable space heater sold for £14.99 on Temu was found to have been improperly assembled, presenting a risk of electric shock due to its easily accessible live parts. Overall, three of the five heaters purchased through TikTok were deemed “dangerously unsafe,” while all three heaters bought through Temu were found to be unsafe for use.

Upon further investigation, Which? found that five videos within the first 100 results for ‘electric heaters’ on TikTok promoted these dangerous products, accumulating over 100,000 views. TikTok and Temu have since removed all the heaters that failed safety testing, as well as 27 listings for identical dangerous heaters. However, Which? reported that similar listings had since reappeared on the platforms.

Which? has called for online marketplaces to take greater legal responsibility for ensuring the safety of products sold to consumers through their platforms. The head of consumer protection policy at Which?, Sue Davies, emphasized the urgency of government action in holding online marketplaces accountable for preventing dangerous products from entering people’s homes.

Both Temu and TikTok have taken action to remove the identified unsafe heaters from their platforms. Temu expressed deep regret for any inconvenience and stated that they prioritized customer safety. Similarly, TikTok stated that merchants or products found in violation of their policies are promptly removed from the platform.

In response to these safety concerns, a Department for Business and Trade spokeswoman encouraged anyone with concerns about unsafe products to provide relevant information, which will be considered by the department. Manufacturers and suppliers are required to ensure the safety of products placed on the market and provide instructions for safe use.