Dog Attack Leaves Baby Horse Mutilated at Alberta Farm: Owner Fears for Safety

BEAUMONT, Alberta – A disturbing incident unfolded at a horse farm near Beaumont, Alberta, where a baby horse fell victim to a suspected dog attack. The one-week-old foal sustained severe injuries, with a portion of its hip and buttock torn away to the bone, and significant flesh missing from its flank.

The owner of the Leduc County farm, Connie Manning-McNichol, expressed concerns about the safety of children and teenagers who come to the equestrian center for riding lessons. Manning-McNichol cited recurring issues with the neighbor’s large mastiff-type dogs, which have previously roamed onto her property and caused trouble.

According to Manning-McNichol, the dogs in question have a history of chasing the horses on the farm. Despite previous incidents, the severity of the recent attack on the foal came as a shock. Manning-McNichol detailed the distressing scene she encountered, prompting an urgent trip to the vet for the injured foal named Manhattan Project, or Mani for short.

The young foal and its mother are now under intensive care at Delaney Veterinary Services, their wounds stitched up as they begin a long road to recovery. Manning-McNichol emphasized the need for responsible dog ownership, especially in rural areas where interactions with livestock are common.

Given the ongoing investigation by Leduc County bylaw enforcement, Manning-McNichol remains vigilant about the safety of her animals and clients. She reiterated the importance of keeping dogs secure and away from areas where livestock are present.

In response to the incident, local authorities have been involved, with the RCMP opening a file and assisting in the case. Manning-McNichol highlighted the legal provisions that may allow for drastic measures if necessary to ensure the safety of the farm’s animals.

As the investigation unfolds, Manning-McNichol and her family have set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the extensive veterinary bills incurred due to the attack. The community has rallied behind the cause, showcasing support for the injured foal and the farm facing this challenging situation.