Dog Killed, Victims Assaulted and Bitten: Woman Sentenced in Crazy Home Invasion

South Renovo, Pennsylvania – A woman from Pennsylvania has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after breaking into a family’s home, assaulting multiple individuals, and fatally stabbing a dog. Breanna Englert, 26, appeared in court on Tuesday to face eight criminal charges, including cruelty to animals, simple assault, and recklessly endangering another person, as a result of the home invasion that occurred in April.

According to the Clinton County District Attorney’s Office, Englert was believed to be under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident. When confronted by the homeowners and a neighbor, she bit the victims and used a knife to attack and fatally wound the family’s dog. The canine subsequently experienced seizures and died shortly after the attack.

During sentencing, district attorney Dave Strouse expressed relief that no life was lost during the incident, as Englert allegedly posed a potential threat to other homes in the county. One of the homeowners, a retired school teacher, also addressed the court, highlighting the trauma suffered by her grandchildren due to the break-in. She recounted how Englert invaded their home with a knife, emphasizing that they never invited her into their lives.

Englert pleaded guilty to all charges in October and, during her tearful apology in court, emphasized her addiction to prescription drugs and methamphetamine as the main driving force behind her criminal behavior. She requested a chance to complete a drug rehabilitation program.

Court documents state that prosecutors oppose Englert’s entry into an early-release program. Instead, they requested that the court “make a clear statement with the sentence that home invasion and terrorizing innocent people would be dealt with severely by the courts,” the news release said.

Judge Michael F. Salisbury of Clinton County Court of Common Pleas handed Englert a maximum sentence of 12 years, with eligibility for parole after three and a half years. The judge also considered Englert’s two prior convictions for simple assault when imposing the sentence.

Individuals and communities are undoubtedly impacted by the ongoing drug crisis, which is evident from this incident. The homeowners expressed gratitude to their neighbors, who intervened and potentially saved their lives that fateful night.