Earthquake Death Toll Revised to ‘Over 1000’ in Afghanistan by Taliban-Run Ministry

Kabul, Afghanistan: The death toll from the recent earthquakes in Afghanistan has been revised to ‘over 1000’ by the Taliban-run ministry, significantly lower than the previously reported number of over 2400. The earthquakes, which occurred on October 13th, have caused widespread devastation and loss of life in the region.

The Taliban-run ministry’s announcement sparked confusion and concern among the Afghan people, as the initial death toll had been widely reported and higher. The discrepancy in the numbers has raised questions about the transparency and accuracy of information provided by the Taliban authorities.

Rescue and relief efforts are underway, with humanitarian organizations and government agencies working to provide aid to the affected communities. The earthquakes have left thousands of people homeless and in urgent need of shelter, food, and medical assistance.

The revised death toll has also led to speculation about the government’s ability to accurately assess the scale of the disaster and respond effectively to the crisis. Many are calling for an independent investigation into the handling of the earthquake aftermath and the reporting of casualties.

The international community has offered support and assistance to Afghanistan in the wake of the earthquakes, but concerns remain about the country’s capacity to effectively manage the disaster and provide for the needs of its people. The revision of the death toll has further underscored the challenges and complexities of the situation.