Estranged Wife Assaulted with Chemical-laden Rag in Chicago

WESTMONT, IL – In a shocking incident, Marco Renegado Evidente, a 35-year-old resident, has been taken into custody for allegedly assaulting his estranged wife and forcing a chemical-soaked rag into her mouth. The woman was discovered in the early morning hours of Saturday, armed with a knife in a grassy area near a parking lot.

The Westmont police report suggests that Renegado Evidente attacked the woman as she was heading toward her car. He reportedly overpowered her, shoved the chemical-laden rag into her mouth, and brutally hit her head against the pavement. The woman managed to snatch the knife away from him during the altercation.

Upon arresting Renegado Evidente, the police were informed about the woman’s three children, who were supposed to be under his supervision. A search of the crime scene revealed several zip ties, a folding knife, a towel soaked in chemicals, and a three-inch blade.

Further investigation led to the discovery of three large garbage bags, a 20-pound dumbbell, and directions to the Chatham Street Bridge over the Cal-Sag Channel in Renegado Evidente’s backpack.

Renegado Evidente was out on bond for a sexual assault charge from April 21, which also involved his estranged wife. DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin commented on the case, stating, “Mr. Renegado Evidente armed himself with a knife, chemicals, and zip ties, stalked his estranged wife, and attacked her as she left for work early yesterday morning.”

Renegado Evidente now faces charges including two counts of aggravated battery, violation of an order of protection, domestic battery, attempted murder, and endangering the health or life of a child.