Explosion at Iron River Residence Leaves One Dead and Authorities Investigating

IRON RIVER, Michigan – Authorities were called to 820 Cayuga St. in the City of Iron River following an explosion at approximately 9:30 pm CST on 2/10/24. The explosion caused extensive damage to the residence, with debris scattered as far as three blocks away. Iron River City Fire Dept and several fire departments from Iron and Dickinson Counties quickly responded to the scene to search for potential victims. In addition, troopers from neighboring posts, MSP K9 units, and the 8th District MSP Fire Investigator were also called to assist in the response.

Tragically, one fatality has been confirmed – an 80-year-old male who had recently moved into the home from Florida. Although authorities do not currently suspect criminal activity, the fire remains under investigation with the Iron River City Police taking the lead and assistance from the MSP Fire Investigator.

The cause of the explosion and resulting fire remains unknown at this time, but local and state authorities continue to investigate. The devastation caused by the blast has deeply affected the surrounding community, and residents are coming together to provide support for those affected.

As the investigation moves forward, authorities will be working diligently to uncover the cause of the explosion and provide answers to the community. The tragic loss of life has left a lasting impact, and the entire community is mourning the loss of the individual and the destruction of the property. More information will be provided as the investigation progresses.