Explosion Injures Three at Meridian Magnesium Plant in Eaton Rapids

EATON RAPIDS, Mich. – A small explosion at the Meridian Magnesium plant on Thursday afternoon left three people injured, according to Mayor Pam Colestock. One person sustained burns while the other two were treated at Eaton Rapids Medical Center and released. The mayor was unsure of the injured employee’s status or where they were sent for further treatment.

Mayor Colestock stated that there was no damage to the plant and that the fire was quickly extinguished by the Eaton Rapids fire department. Other nearby fire departments also assisted in the response. Fire Chief Roger McNutt was not immediately available for further details.

Meridian Magnesium is an automotive manufacturing facility. In 2018, the plant caught fire and was damaged by a series of explosions, although it is unclear if the recent incident was related. At the time, the company employed over 400 people in Eaton Rapids.

The company’s safety protocols and history of incidents could potentially be cause for concern. Additionally, the impact of the explosion on the local community and the plant’s operations should be closely monitored.

The incident raises questions about the safety measures and protocols at the facility, as well as the potential impact on the local community. Mayor Colestock’s reassurance that there was no damage to the plant and the quick response of the fire department may alleviate some concerns.

To conclude, the small explosion at the Meridian Magnesium plant in Eaton Rapids left three people injured, with one sustaining burns. The incident raises concerns about the company’s safety protocols and the impact on the local community.