Explosion on Bulk Carrier Toro Rosso Leaves Seven Dead: Moroccan Authorities Investigating

Jorf Lasfar, Morocco – A tragic explosion aboard the bulk carrier Toro Rosso has claimed the lives of seven crew members and left several others injured. The vessel, chartered by an Ethiopian company, was engulfed in flames as it approached the Port of Jorf Lasfar to load phosphate fertilizers on May 30, 2024.

Authorities in Morocco are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the incident involving the 91,384 DWT bulker. Despite being positioned 8 nautical miles offshore, rescue operations faced numerous challenges due to the severity of the explosion and subsequent engine room fire.

The Panama-registered bulk carrier, which was originally built in 1997, has changed ownership multiple times over the years. Previously detained for safety reasons, the vessel underwent its last repair and maintenance in 2022.

Of the 28 crew members aboard the ship, primarily from Syria, three bodies were recovered from the wreckage. A pilot boat transported twelve severely burned and injured individuals to shore, where they received urgent medical attention. Unfortunately, four crew members did not survive their injuries, while at least nine others are currently undergoing treatment.

Jorf Lasfar, a prominent port on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, serves as a critical hub for handling phosphate, fertilizers, and other hazardous chemicals. In the wake of the tragic incident, port officials have emphasized the importance of strict safety protocols when dealing with such dangerous cargo.

As investigators work tirelessly to determine the cause of the explosion, questions linger regarding the circumstances that led to this devastating event. With the investigation ongoing, authorities are committed to uncovering the truth behind the tragic loss of life and injuries suffered aboard the Toro Rosso.