Explosive Device Found Inside Perry High School During Search, Officials Say

Perry, Iowa – Police in Perry, Iowa, made a concerning discovery during a search of Perry High School. According to Assistant Director Mitch Mortvedt of the Division of Criminal Investigation, they found “an improvised explosive device” inside the school following a shooting incident. This alarming development added another layer of danger to an already tense situation.

During a news conference on Thursday, Mortvedt revealed that the state fire marshal and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms were able to safely render the device inoperative. Meanwhile, law enforcement worked diligently to secure the school and ensure there were no additional threats. Mortvedt commended the fast and comprehensive response from approximately 150 officers from different law enforcement agencies at the local, state, and federal levels, who swarmed to the scene within an hour of the initial incident.

Despite the swift action taken by law enforcement, Mortvedt stressed that the investigation into the tragic events was far from over. The discovery of an explosive device at the school heightened the severity of the situation and raised questions about the motive behind the initial shooting. The presence of the device also led to concerns about the safety of the school and the community at large.

In the aftermath of this troubling discovery, Perry High School remains closed as authorities continue their investigation. The community is left reeling from the shock and uncertainty brought on by the events, with many awaiting updates and assurances that such a dangerous threat has been neutralized. As the investigation continues, the implications of this incident will undoubtedly reverberate throughout the community and the entire state of Iowa.