Fatal Betrayal: Woman Uses Slain Man’s Thumb in Gruesome Theft and Murder Case

Washington, D.C. – A woman is facing a first-degree murder charge after allegedly using the severed thumb of a man described as her “sugar daddy” to access his bank account and fund her purchases including Uber rides, alcohol, and marijuana, according to court documents.

The accused woman, identified as 22-year-old Tiffany Taylor Gray, was arrested earlier this month in Prince George’s County. Gray, now awaiting extradition to Washington, faces serious allegations following the grim discovery of 53-year-old Fasil Teklemariam’s body in his own apartment located in the Brightwood neighborhood of Northwest Washington on April 5.

Authorities disclosed that Teklemariam’s body exhibited multiple signs of a violent struggle. The autopsy revealed multiple blunt-force injuries to his head, numerous lacerations, and a stab wound. Notably, Teklemariam’s right thumb was missing, a detail that later became significant as investigators pieced together the events leading to his death. According to the medical examiner, his injuries suggest he was killed two to five days prior to the discovery of his body.

The investigation into Teklemariam’s death led to at least four individuals seen on surveillance footage entering his apartment and removing items in the days preceding the grim find. Alongside Gray, Audrey Denise Miller, 19, has also been charged with first-degree murder while armed. Miller had been captured on video with Teklemariam shortly before his death. She is currently held without bond and is expected in court later this month for a proceeding.

The police have yet to apprehend two men also seen on surveillance footage at the apartment, and they continue to be subjects of investigation.

Providing deeper insights into the relationship between Gray and the victim, an anonymous witness described Teklemariam as Gray’s “sugar daddy,” a statement supported by further evidence of Gray using his severed thumb to conduct transactions from his bank account posthumously.

In a chilling sequence of events recounted in the documents, Teklemariam was last spotted on surveillance footage on the evening of April 1. After briefly exiting his apartment, he returned with three cans of soda, accompanied twice by Miller. The subsequent footage documented multiple individuals leaving his apartment later that night. Additionally, cellphone data indicated that Teklemariam’s phone left the apartment area later the same night, adding another layer to the timeline of his suspected murder.

As the investigation deepened, law enforcement expressed ongoing difficulties in locating key pieces of evidence. As of last month, Teklemariam’s thumb, cellphone, tablet, and other electronic devices had not been found, posing significant challenges to the ongoing case and the pursuit of justice.

This brutal crime has not only shocked the community but also thrown a spotlight on the darker dynamics of personal relationships and the extents to Vermont which criminal behaviors can escalate, reflecting broader societal issues that demand attention and action.