Fatal Shooting of Acquitted Man Linked to Indian Spy Case Sparks Pakistan Investigation

Lahore, Pakistan – The recent fatal shooting of Amir Tamba, a man who was previously acquitted of killing Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh, has sparked an investigation in Lahore, Pakistan. Tamba was shot by two masked men inside his home, leading to questions about the motive behind the attack.

Singh, an Indian national from Punjab, was arrested by Pakistani border guards in 1990 on charges of espionage and terrorism. Despite denials from his family and the Indian government, Singh was sentenced to death in Pakistan in 1991, causing tensions between India and Pakistan.

In 2013, Singh was killed in an attack by fellow prisoners at Lahore’s Kot Lakhpat jail. Tamba, one of the two inmates accused of attacking Singh, was acquitted by a Pakistan court in 2018 after witnesses retracted their statements.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police in Lahore, Ali Nasir Rizvi, confirmed that gunmen entered Tamba’s house, shot him multiple times, and then fled on a motorbike. While a case has been filed against unidentified assailants, the motive behind the attack remains unclear.

Tamba’s death comes amid reports of alleged extrajudicial killings carried out by Indian agents in Pakistan. According to a report by the Guardian, Indian operatives have been involved in attacks on at least 20 people in Pakistan since 2020.

Both India and Pakistan have denied various allegations and accusations against each other, with tensions continuing to simmer between the two neighboring countries. The recent incident in Lahore adds to the complex history of animosity and suspicion between the two nations.