Felony: Serial Criminal Attacks and Attempts to Kill Las Vegas Judge, Resulting in Solitary Confinement

Las Vegas, Nevada – A 30-year-old felon, Deobra Redden, has been placed in solitary confinement after launching a violent attack on Judge Mary Kay Holthus in a Las Vegas courtroom. The altercation occurred as she rejected his pleas for more probation.

Redden admitted to attempting to kill Judge Holthus, citing a “bad day” as the reason for his actions, according to court documents. The incident was captured on court video, showing Holthus being battered to the ground by Redden.

Following the outburst, Redden was classified as a ‘2C’ inmate, the most restrictive category at the Clark County Jail. The violent behavior led to his confinement in a solo cell, where he has limited interactions with other inmates and minimal time outside the cell.

During the attack, Holthus sustained injuries as her head was slammed against the wall, and she was later taken to the hospital for continued pain. Court marshal Shane Brandon also suffered injuries, requiring 25 stitches, while law clerk Michael Lasso endured minor hand abrasions.

Redden has a history of violent offenses and has been repeatedly jailed, paroled, and granted probation for various crimes. His disregard for the judicial system has resulted in a series of felony charges and convictions, with his most recent altercation leading to the current confinement in a solo cell.

The court remains committed to a safe and secure environment for all individuals involved, and Redden’s criminal history involving charges in both Nevada and Texas continues to be under scrutiny..LogInformation gathered from court documents and eyewitness accounts have shed light on the severity of the attack and the ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of judicial officials and staff.

In conclusion, the attack on Judge Holthus by Deobra Redden has prompted a reevaluation of security protocols to protect the judiciary and the public. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by judicial officials and the ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and secure courthouse environment.