Florida Man Convicted in 1989 Triple Murder Case Denied Guilt Until Execution, Fox True Crime Podcast Reveals

TAMPA, Fla. – Oba Chandler, a Florida man, was convicted on three counts of murder in the deaths of Joan Rogers and her two teenage daughters. He maintained his innocence until he was executed. The killings of Rogers and her daughters, Michelle and Christie, occurred in June 1989 and remained unsolved for three years. Their bodies were found in Tampa Bay with yellow polypropylene rope tied around their necks, attached to concrete blocks. It was not until police identified a suspect with the help of handwriting left at the scene that progress was made in the case.

Rogers and her daughters were found with their mouths taped shut and were nude from the waist down. Autopsies revealed that they died from asphyxiation, but it was uncertain whether they were drowned or strangled with the ropes. Their bodies had been submerged for 50 to 60 hours, making it difficult to determine if they had been raped. The family’s car was found abandoned at a boat ramp parking lot two miles from their hotel, with a handwritten note and directions to the boat ramp inside.

The case took a turn when a Canadian tourist reported being raped by a man matching the description of the suspect in the Rogers case. The woman provided details about her attacker’s business and living situation, leading to the identification of Oba Chandler. His handwriting, phone records, and past criminal history connected him to the crimes. Chandler was charged with the rape of the Canadian tourist and, ultimately, murder in the Rogers case.

Chandler continued to maintain his innocence, questioning the evidence against him until his execution. In 2014, DNA evidence linked him to the unsolved murder of another woman, adding further weight to his culpability in the crimes. Despite his denial, Chandler’s connection to multiple heinous acts points to his involvement in these tragic events.

In conclusion, the investigation into the brutal killings of Joan Rogers and her daughters shed light on the disturbing actions of Oba Chandler. The resolution of this case brought closure to the victims’ families, despite the perpetrator’s continued denial of his guilt.