Fort Wayne Animal Shelter Reports Increase in Heat-Related Pet Fatalities; Offers Urgent Safety Tips

Fort Wayne, Ind. — With rising temperatures comes increased responsibility for pet owners, a reality underscored by recent tragic events in Fort Wayne. Local authorities have reported a worrying number of heat-related pet fatalities this summer, prompting urgent warnings from Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control.

Since the start of June, the agency has confirmed seven pet deaths directly attributable to excessive heat. This disturbing trend is part of a broader picture of pet safety negligence that includes dozens of reports concerning pets left in sweltering cars or outdoors without adequate provisions.

To combat this, Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control has launched investigations into these deaths and has responded to over two dozen calls about dogs left unattended in hot vehicles. Additionally, they are looking into 27 cases of suspected neglect where dogs were reportedly left outside without sufficient water, shelter, or food.

In light and response to these incidents, Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control is intensifying its efforts to educate pet owners on proper pet care during hot weather. Key recommendations include keeping pets indoors as much as possible and ensuring that any outdoor stay is accompanied by necessary resources like fresh water and ample shade. They also emphasize the city ordinance requirement, which mandates that no pet should be left outdoors without adult supervision for more than 15 minutes when temperatures exceed 85 degrees or during a heat advisory.

Walking pets in cooler early morning or late evening hours is encouraged to avoid the midday heat that can overheat pavement, potentially burning a pet’s paws. Owners are advised to remain vigilant for signs of heatstroke, which include heavy panting, vomiting, and unusually red or dry gums.

Perhaps the most crucial advice from the shelter is never to leave pets unattended in vehicles. “Just a minute” too often turns into longer, and officials stress that a car can heat up to dangerous levels in just 10 minutes, even with the windows partially open.

For those who witness such neglect or need guidance, Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control has made themselves available at the contact number, 260-427-1244. Community vigilance can prevent further tragedies, the agency notes, adding that community members can play a pivotal role in protecting animal welfare by reporting potential abuses.

By spreading awareness and providing clear guidelines, local authorities hope to reduce the number of preventable deaths and incidents of neglect, ensuring that pets in Fort Wayne can have a safe and enjoyable summer.