Gilbert Goons Court Appearances Highlighted in Latest Update on Violence Cases

Phoenix, Arizona – Two teenage defendants from the Gilbert Goons group were expected to appear in court on Thursday, following an announcement earlier in the week involving three other individuals connected to group violence cases.

Christopher Fantastic, 18, is facing charges of assault and robbery related to an incident that occurred in August 2023 outside of an In-N-Out restaurant in Gilbert. He was indicted in January 2024 on counts of aggravated robbery and aggravated assault. Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell stated that Fantastic is accused of assaulting another teenager while the victim was on the ground.

Another 18-year-old, Aris Arredondo, was also indicted on charges of aggravated robbery and assault in January for the same incident, according to Mitchell.

The victim’s father revealed to 12News that his son had to be taken to the emergency room after the attack. Subsequently, he made the decision to send his son to live overseas with his mother due to safety concerns.

In relation to the group violence cases involving the Gilbert Goons, Jacob Pennington, Deleon Hayes, and Garrett Bagshaw had entered into plea deals earlier this week. County Attorney Mitchell emphasized that despite the plea deals, the cases were still being taken seriously.

Mitchell explained, “Plea deals can be very beneficial in terms of obtaining convictions against other people when one defendant admits guilt and describes what happened.” None of the aforementioned defendants are facing charges linked to the death of Preston Lord in Queen Creek.

The scheduled court appearances highlight the ongoing legal proceedings surrounding the Gilbert Goons incidents. It illustrates the commitment to bringing accountability to those involved in violent activities within the community, as stated by Mitchell.