Heat Wave Tragedy: 6 Home Guards On Poll Duty Succumb to Rising Temperatures in UP, Dozens Hospitalised

New Delhi, India: ‚ÄčAs temperatures soar across northern India, the lethal consequences of the heat wave are becoming increasingly evident. Recent reports have highlighted the tragic toll of the extreme weather conditions, with six Home Guards losing their lives while on election duty in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, in Rajasthan, five deaths have been officially reported as a result of the scorching temperatures.

RB Kamal, the Principal of Mirzapur Medical College, confirmed that among the 23 Home Guards admitted to the hospital, six have tragically passed away. The individuals were admitted with various health complications, including high blood pressure, heart issues, and other diseases. Currently, the condition of two of the Home Guards remains critical, with concerns about the possibility of fatal outcomes such as brain strokes.

In response to the escalating crisis, authorities are grappling with the influx of unconfirmed reports of homeless deaths and unidentified bodies accumulating in morgues. The repercussions of the heat wave have prompted the Rajasthan High Court to intervene, calling on the government to declare a national emergency and take immediate action to address the crisis.

The court’s directives include provisions for compensating the families of victims, implementing measures to provide relief to those affected, and distributing essential supplies such as water, ORS, and cooling beverages. Furthermore, the court emphasized the importance of sending out heat alerts through various communication channels to warn the public about the risks associated with the extreme weather conditions.

In Kota, Rajasthan, a particularly alarming situation unfolded as 27 unidentified bodies arrived for cremation, highlighting the devastating impact of the heat wave. Tragic incidents, such as the deaths of newborns due to a malfunctioning cooler in a hospital ward, underscore the urgent need for comprehensive strategies to mitigate the effects of the extreme temperatures.

The casualties attributed to the heat wave in Rajasthan reflect a diverse range of victims, including a member of the Border Security Force. While the heat-related deaths have raised concerns and garnered attention from authorities, the precise extent of the impact continues to unfold as communities grapple with the challenging conditions imposed by the unforgiving heat wave.