Hendersonville Police Defends Self-Defense Claim in Fatal Shooting, Prompting Claims of Injustice and Lack of Respect for Black Lives

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – Patricia King was awoken by a call from her daughter, telling her that her son, Elijah Timmons III, had been shot and killed in a Hendersonville parking lot. By the end of the night, King found herself in handcuffs, while the man who shot and killed her son was exonerated in a self-defense claim based on surveillance footage. Despite many witnesses being present that night, none have come forward to testify.

King rushed to the Henderson Crossing Plaza parking lot from Candler in the early morning hours of November 24. She found her son’s body covered by a white sheet, spurring her to run to him in a desperate effort to reach her son. In the process, she was forcefully restrained by the Hendersonville Police Department officers, leading to her arrest.

The police accused King of assaulting a government official and resisting a public officer. She claims she was never informed of her charges or why she was being arrested, despite waiting for hours to see a magistrate.

The Hendersonville Police Department exonerated Timmons’ shooter, concluding that he acted in self-defense based on surveillance footage. Timmons, a 30-year-old father of three, was allegedly involved in a physical altercation before he was shot. No charges were pressed against the shooter.

King feels that both her treatment by law enforcement and the lack of charges against her son’s shooter are indicative of a lack of respect for the Black community. She is also planning a silent protest in honor of Timmons, seeking to bring attention to the case and find justice for her son. The Hendersonville Police Department is calling for anyone with evidence or new information about the incident to come forward.

The tragic events surrounding Timmons’ death and the subsequent actions by law enforcement have left many wondering if justice was truly served in this case. Despite this, the details surrounding the shooting remain shrouded in mystery, leaving King searching for answers and resolution.