Horrific Details of Shineka Gray Murder Unfold in St James Court as Crime Scene Investigator Testifies

MONTEGO BAY, St James – The trial for the 2017 murder of teenager Shineka Gray has brought to light horrific details of the crime scene, as described by a veteran crime scene investigator in the St James Circuit Court. The investigator testified to finding a foul stench, a condom, and its wrapper at the location where Gray’s body was discovered.

The investigator, with 14 years of experience on the police force, recounted responding to a call and heading to Riverside Drive in Fairfield, Irwin, St James on February 1, 2017. Upon arrival, he noticed the densely vegetated environment, and soon after, he encountered the disturbing evidence of Gray’s murder.

During the trial, convicted co-defendant Mario Morrison, a Crown witness, testified that he and the accused, Gregory Roberts, had engaged in sexual acts with Gray before her violent death. According to Morrison, the sexual encounter was not forced, as Gray had consented to it.

The crime scene investigator also detailed the physical state of Gray’s body, describing her sunburnt and peeling skin, multiple lacerations, and swollen face. The exhibits found at the scene were collected and sent to the forensic laboratory in Kingston for analysis.

The trial, which began on November 23, has heard from 12 of the 18 witnesses. The next court date is set for Thursday as the proceedings continue to unfold in the St James Circuit Court.

In summary, the court proceedings have revealed harrowing details of the crime scene where Shineka Gray’s body was found, shedding light on the tragic circumstances of her murder in 2017. The trial is ongoing as the prosecution presents its case against the accused.