Illinois Tanker Truck Crash Spills Anhydrous Ammonia, Kills Five

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – A tragic tanker truck crash in central Illinois claimed the lives of five people in a small community approximately 110 miles northeast of St. Louis. According to a member of the National Transportation Safety Board, the accident may have been initiated by another vehicle attempting to pass the chemical-laden truck.

The tanker truck was transporting caustic anhydrous ammonia when it jackknifed on Friday night and collided with a utility trailer parked just off the highway. As a result, a six-inch hole was punctured into the chemical container, causing a significant spill. Effingham County Coroner Kim Rhodes confirmed that the five fatalities included three individuals from the same family – one adult and two children under the age of 12, as well as two adult motorists from out of state. In addition, five people were airlifted to hospitals and their conditions remain unknown.

A significant area surrounding the crash site, encompassing approximately 500 residents within a one-mile radius, was evacuated due to hazardous air conditions resulting from the released anhydrous ammonia. Emergency responders worked tirelessly to control the chemical leak and mitigate the dangerous air conditions in the northeast area of Teutopolis, a town of 1,600 people.

The impact of the crash underscores the potentially devastating consequences of transporting hazardous materials on public highways. Anhydrous ammonia is commonly used by farmers as a nitrogen fertilizer and as a refrigerant in large buildings. Despite its practical applications, accidents involving anhydrous ammonia can lead to serious health and environmental hazards, as evidenced by past incidents in suburban Chicago and Minot, North Dakota.

The tragedy in central Illinois serves as a solemn reminder of the critical importance of adhering to rigorous safety standards when transporting hazardous materials, and the profound impacts of such accidents on the affected communities. As authorities continue their investigation into the causes of the crash, the residents of Teutopolis and surrounding areas are left to grapple with the aftermath of this devastating event.