Inmate Guilty of Escape After Violent Hospital Incident, Faces Additional Charges on Sentence Day

BOISE, Idaho – A dramatic escape from custody following a violent attack on corrections officers led to Skylar Meade pleading guilty to escape in 4th District Court on Wednesday. The incident occurred at a Boise hospital on March 20 while officers were preparing to transport Meade back to prison after receiving medical treatment for injuries. Nicholas Umphenour, the accomplice in the escape, shot two corrections officers, causing chaos and confusion as officers mistook a fellow officer for the shooter.

After fleeing the hospital, Meade and Umphenour embarked on a journey across Idaho, eventually being apprehended the next day. Umphenour currently faces multiple charges, including aggravated battery on law enforcement officers and aiding and abetting escape, while Meade is also facing potential felony enhancements for his involvement in inflicting injury on the officers. Both await further legal proceedings to determine their fate.

The violent incident sent shockwaves through the Idaho Department of Correction and highlighted the dangers faced by officers in their line of duty. The courtroom proceedings have shed light on the events leading up to the escape and the consequences that Meade and Umphenour now face for their actions. As the legal process unfolds, the community is left to reflect on the implications of such brazen acts of violence and the impact they have on the individuals involved.