Inmate Linked to Sacramento Mass Shooting Dies in Custody: Suspect Smiley Martin Passes Away

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The suspected gunman involved in a tragic mass shooting in Sacramento has passed away while in custody, reported sources. The inmate’s identity was revealed as Smiley Martin, who had been held at the Sacramento County Main Jail since April 20, 2022.

According to KCRA, the Sacramento Sheriff did not disclose the name of the deceased inmate but confirmed that a 29-year-old man had died while in custody at the county jail. Norman Dawson, Martin’s public defender, expressed deep sorrow over his unexpected death, emphasizing that Martin was fighting to prove his innocence during the preliminary hearing process.

Martin faced charges of murder, possession of a firearm by a felon, and possession of a machine gun in connection to the mass shooting that resulted in the deaths of six individuals on April 3, 2022. The incident, stemming from a gang feud, left a dozen others injured in its wake. Additionally, Martin’s younger brother, Dandrae Martin, faced similar charges related to the shooting.

A third individual involved in the shooting, Mtula Payton, was apprehended several weeks after the incident in Las Vegas. The circumstances surrounding Smiley Martin’s death in custody remain unclear, as authorities discovered him unresponsive during a routine cell check in the 5-East 300 Pod.

The loss of Smiley Martin adds another layer of complexity to the aftermath of the tragic events that unfolded in Sacramento, raising questions about the circumstances surrounding his passing and the ongoing legal proceedings involving him and the other suspects. The community continues to grapple with the repercussions of the mass shooting, seeking closure and justice for the victims and their families.