Jacob Elordi Dominates 2023 with 4 Film Roles, Including Tribal Festival Indie ‘He Went That Way’

LOS ANGELES, CA – Jacob Elordi has quickly become a prominent figure in Hollywood, making a name for himself as a talented actor in various films. After gaining attention for his role in Sofia Coppola’s “Priscilla,” Elordi has embarked on a successful journey through the film industry, starring in four films in 2023 alone. His diverse range of roles has captured the attention of audiences and industry professionals alike, propelling Elordi into the spotlight as a rising star in Hollywood.

One of Elordi’s latest films, “He Went That Way,” stands out as a unique addition to his filmography. Directed by Jeffrey Darling, the movie delves into the disturbing account of Dave Pitts, an animal trainer who encounters a young hitchhiker, Larry Lee Ranes, and becomes involved in a dangerous and harrowing journey. Despite the intriguing premise, “He Went That Way” falls short in delivering a compelling and engaging story, leaving much to be desired in terms of character development and plot execution.

The dynamic between the main characters, portrayed by Elordi and Zachary Quinto, teeters on the edge of Stockholm syndrome territory, but fails to fully explore the complexities of their relationship. While Elordi’s performance is commendable, the film itself lacks depth and fails to fully grasp the potential of its narrative. Despite its shortcomings, “He Went That Way” showcases Elordi’s dedication to taking on diverse and challenging roles, solidifying his standing as a versatile and committed actor in the industry.

“He Went That Way,” released on January 5, 2024, serves as a testament to Elordi’s willingness to explore different genres and narratives, showcasing his potential as a multifaceted actor in Hollywood. While the film may not resonate as strongly as some of Elordi’s other projects, it highlights his ambition and willingness to take artistic risks in his career. As Elordi continues to navigate the ever-changing landscape of Hollywood, his commitment to honing his craft and embracing a variety of roles will undoubtedly shape his future success in the film industry.