Jealous-Man Sentenced to 20 Years for Brutal Murder of Carolyn Kemp after Decade of Suffering

Romford, United Kingdom – A man convicted of killing a woman more than 13 years after a brutal attack has been sentenced to at least 20 years in prison. Trevor Baker, 53, received his sentence for the murder of Carolyn Kemp, who tragically passed away from her injuries years after the initial assault.

Baker, previously serving time for the attempted murder of Kemp, will now face an additional five years and eight months behind bars. Kemp, who was attacked by Baker at his residence on Walmer Close in Romford back in 2009, suffered irreversible brain injuries that left her a quadriplegic.

The court heard that Kemp had left Baker six months before the violent incident occurred, leading up to the attack. Despite pleading guilty to the attempted murder in 2010, Baker’s relentless violence ultimately resulted in Kemp’s death from aspiration pneumonia in 2022.

A forensic examination confirmed the link between the injuries sustained in 2009 and Kemp’s eventual cause of death. The court charged Baker with murder in 2023, leading to his guilty plea earlier this year at the Old Bailey.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Kemp’s mother described her as a loving mother and expressed the deep loss experienced by the family. Despite the sentence handed down to Baker, the family emphasized their belief that he poses a continued danger to women and hope for increased protection for others in the future.

Detective Chief Inspector Kelly Allen acknowledged the extreme violence Kemp endured at the hands of Baker and highlighted the importance of accountability for the devastation caused. The guilty plea spared Kemp’s loved ones from a trial, providing them with some closure after years of suffering.

The sentencing of Baker reflects the severity of his actions and the impact on Kemp’s loved ones, marking a somber chapter in the quest for justice for the victim and her family.