Jeweler Daniel ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson Murdered: Mastermind Attorney Marco Bisbikis Blows Kiss in Court

Oak Park, Michigan – The courtroom scene was tense as disgraced attorney Marco Bisbikis blew a kiss to his loved ones while facing allegations of orchestrating a plot to kill his client, jeweler Daniel “Hutch” Hutchinson. The accused gunman, Roy Larry, is said to have pulled the trigger in the heinous crime.

Prosecutors presented video evidence showing Roy Larry riding an E-Bike with his cousin, Darnell Larry, shortly after picking it up from a bike repair shop on June 1, 2022. As the Denali SUV carrying Hutchinson and his wife Marissa came to a stop across from their pawn shop in Oak Park, a witness pursued the shooter and called 911 upon witnessing the tragic event.

During the incident, Roy Larry reportedly fired 14 rounds into the truck, fatally hitting Hutch and injuring Marissa. Assistant prosecutor Mike Krysinski emphasized in court that Roy Larry shot at point-blank range, with the intention to kill both victims.

The prosecution claimed that Bisbikis masterminded the mission, involving friends and employees from his pot farm to carry out the plan. Angelo Raptoplous and Darnell Larry were allegedly enlisted by Bisbikis to assist Roy Larry in the shooting. Despite Roy Larry’s immediate arrest, prosecutors asserted that the crime was motivated by greed, betrayal, and murder.

The motive behind the crime was revealed to be linked to the jewelry store’s lucrative business, which had been grossing millions during the pandemic. Prosecutors alleged that Bisbikis, who had ties to the jewelry store, plotted to have the couple killed to secure his financial interests.

During the trial, Bisbikis’ attorney highlighted the role of informants Angelo Raptoplous and Darnell Larry, who were testifying against their co-conspirators. Defense attorneys raised concerns over potential lapses in the case, including the missing firearm used in the shooting and alleged misconduct by law enforcement officers involved in the investigation.

As the trial continued, prosecutors emphasized that security footage and phone records would corroborate their claims of conspiracy and premeditated murder. The case underscored a chilling tale of betrayal and greed, shedding light on the sinister motives behind the tragic events that unfolded in Oak Park.