Killer Confesses to 11 Murders on Deathbed, Including Mother of Two Sharon Hammack

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – In October 1996, Sharon Hammack, a mother of two, was on the brink of welcoming her third child when tragedy struck. Her life was cut short, leaving behind two children, after encountering Gary Artman. Despite two decades of evading justice, a DNA breakthrough finally linked Artman to her death, leading authorities to suspect he may have been involved in other brutal crimes.

On December 28, shortly before his death, Artman confessed to the murder of 11 women, shedding light on a long history of violence. He was already serving a life sentence for Hammack’s murder when he made this shocking admission. The revelation provided closure not only to the families of the victims but also to the authorities who had been working tirelessly to solve these cases over the years.

The case had remained unsolved for years, despite the presence of DNA evidence. However, in August 2022, forensic genealogy finally identified Artman as the prime suspect. The confession, although coming late, provided some closure to the families of the victims, allowing them to grieve and start the healing process.

Many questions still linger about Artman’s motives, the extent of his criminal activities, and the impact on the families of the victims. As authorities continue to investigate the case, they aim to gather more evidence to uncover the full extent of Artman’s crimes and provide closure to the families impacted by these unsolved cases.

In the end, Artman’s shocking confession before his death revealed the depth of his crimes and the tragic loss suffered by the families of the victims. The resolution of this case provides some comfort to those affected by his heinous actions, and the authorities continue their work to bring closure to the many unsolved cases linked to Artman.