lawsuit filed against Elleven45 Lounge after deadly shooting in Buckhead

Atlanta, Georgia – The tragedy at Elleven45 Lounge in Buckhead has prompted legal action from the family of Mariam “Mari” Creighton, a 21-year-old victim of a deadly shooting at the nightclub last month. Her parents, Juan Umberto Creighton and Tracey Eason, have filed a lawsuit in Fulton County court seeking compensation for her wrongful death.

The complaint accuses the club of negligence, highlighting that Creighton, an innocent bystander, lost her life in a shooting that also claimed the life of 20-year-old Nakyris Ridley and injured four others. The lawsuit claims that the club allowed an armed individual onto the premises, leading to the tragic events that unfolded that night.

According to Atlanta police, the shooting occurred during a fight inside the club in the early hours of the morning. Following the incident, a suspect was arrested in connection to the shooting, providing some form of closure in the midst of the heartbreaking losses.

In response to the tragic events, the City of Atlanta has taken legal action against the nightclub, seeking a temporary restraining order and categorizing the establishment as a public nuisance. The city’s complaint points to a history of incidents at the club, raising concerns about inadequate security measures to protect patrons and the surrounding community.

The lawsuit underscores the importance of proper security protocols and measures in establishments serving alcohol, emphasizing the need for accountability in ensuring the safety of all individuals. Creighton’s family and their attorney have spoken out, expressing the devastating impact of the senseless violence that claimed Mariam’s life and left others injured.

As legal proceedings unfold, the community awaits further developments in the case, hoping for justice to be served and measures to be taken to prevent similar tragedies in the future. The lawsuit serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining safe environments for social gatherings and the obligation of establishments to prioritize the well-being of their patrons.