Legal Battle Unveils Truth About Megan Parra’s Suspicious Death as Parents Refuse to Give Up

COTTONPORT, Louisiana – The case of Megan Parra’s death has taken a dramatic turn after years of investigation and legal proceedings. Steve and Missy Ducote, parents of Megan, found her bleeding on the living room floor in Cottonport on June 28, 2014. The official ruling stated it was a suicide, but her parents were convinced otherwise.

The case remained unresolved until October 2021 when charges were finally brought over Megan’s death. It all began when Missy, a nurse practitioner, attempted to save Megan’s life before her husband Dustin Parra, also a nurse, tried to help. Despite their efforts, Megan died a day later from her injuries.

Upon reviewing the crime scene photos, her parents found major clues that indicated her death was not a suicide. For instance, they discovered photos that suggested a struggle had taken place, such as a wine rack out of place behind a chair.

A retired FBI agent, David Lemoine, concluded the mother of two was murdered after examining the evidence. This led to the case being sent to a grand jury on October 13, 2021, resulting in a charge of second-degree murder for Dustin Parra. He was later arrested and pleaded not guilty.

On March 26, 2023, Dustin pleaded no contest to negligent homicide in Megan’s death and admitted to having the gun in his hand during a struggle before it went off and fired into her head. As a result, he was sentenced to five years in prison, with the likelihood of serving just 18 months before being released on parole.

In the end, the family was granted full custody of Megan’s sons, and while they may have found some closure, they insist that life without Megan will never be the same. This tragic case serves as a reminder of the careful consideration and thorough investigation required in cases of suspicious deaths.